Rules, Roller Series Summer 2024 (Colorado Cup Hockey)


Colorado Cup Roller Series follows the rules set forth in the RHA Rulebook. Additional highlights and Colorado Cup specific rules can be found below.

 Game Format:

  • 4 vs. 4, with goalie.

  • 3-minute warm-up.

  • 1 minute intermission.

  • (2) x 17-minute periods running time.

  • Stop clock last 2 minutes within 1 goal.

  • 8-goal mercy rule in effect.

 Start Time: Teams must be prepared to start 30 minutes prior to scheduled time, due to mercies.

Jerseys: All teams must have a matching set of jerseys with numbers. If there are any issues with having a team set of jerseys, please reach out to the Colorado Cup Team immediately! 

Point Format:
 Teams will be awarded 3 points for a regulation win and 1 point for a tie.

Tiebreakers: Head-to-head is the ultimate or highest method of breaking the tie. Tiebreaker Rules:

  •  If two teams are tied with the same record, then the result of their game against each other (head-to-head) will be used to break the tie.

  •  If two teams are tied and they DID NOT play each other, then the team with the highest goal differential wins the tiebreaker.

  • If two teams are still tied after the first two tiebreakers, teams have a choice of a coin flip or a 4-person flip cup game.

 Overtime Rules:

  • Round Robin: No overtime, games can end in a tie.

  • Playoffs/Championship: Overtime will be 5 minutes in duration with teams playing 3 on 3. Goaltenders will switch ends for the start of overtime.  If teams are still tied after overtime, each team will select 3 skaters and they will compete in a best of 3-man shootout format. Higher seed team will choose to shoot first or second. If still no goal is scored after the 3 players shoot, the rest of the roster (except for the goalie), must participate in the shootout, before using the 3 players that started the shootout.


Carryover penalty:  In an overtime game, a carry-over penalty will be played as 3 on 2. For example, if a team is down a man heading into overtime, the team will maintain a 3 on 2 man advantage at the start of overtime.  Teams will go to 3 on 3 once penalty time has concluded. If a player is still serving a penalty going into a shootout, that player is not eligible to be in the shootout.

Racial Slurs: We have a no tolerance policy on the use of any racial slurs. Any use of racial slurs will result in a game ejection, additional 1 game suspension, and a bench-minor penalty served by a player on the rink.

Hitting: We have a no tolerance policy on hitting. Any hits will result in a game ejection, additional 1 game suspension, and a 2-minute game misconduct penalty served by someone on the rink. If the same player has another hitting infraction, that player will be ejected from the tournament. All hits will be reviewed by the league coordinators, if a hit is deemed "intentional/dangerous", the player will be ejected from the tournament. 

Fighting: We have a no tolerance policy on fighting. Any fight will result in the player being disqualified from the tournament no exceptions! An appeal can be made and taken to the league coordinators in rare circumstances. Let's just not fight and have a fun competitive tournament please!